• Onivino brings restaurants and private buyers some of the best in private import wines and spirits (our list includes a variety of boutique and more established brands)
  • Looking to host an unparalleled corporate or private wine experience? Onivino is your destination for wine events including, tastings, expert knowledge from our resident sommelier and consultations on food and wine parings
  • Take part in our wine discovery courses and examine the expansive world of wine (courses available for restaurants and wine enthusiasts)
  • For the restaurateur looking to build a rich, diverse and hand-selected wine list, Onivino?s resident sommelier can assist you in creating an enviable selection (lists are based on clientele, fare and budgetary factors)
  • Corporate gifting services available

As a full service agency, Onivino provides you with access to strategic brand and development services. Our team of experts believes in the success of its clients, which much like a wine, begins before fermentation. Onivino?s goal is to try and help you, the producer, by overcoming any potential barriers to entering the Quebec Wine & Spirits market. What does that mean? We supply you with industry tips and insights that are unique to the North American Palette*, as well as, assist you with your packaging (specifications and overall look/design) and language & labeling laws.

*OH: North Americans have consumed so much pop over the years that it has affected their taste buds.

Additional Services:


noun/ broker/
brokers, plural
A wine broker is a party that mediates the sale of Wine & Spirits between an agent and the producer

As a privatized and government controlled monopoly, the Canadian Wine & Spirits market can be a competitive and complex creature. Therefore, partnering with the right agent can be crucial to your success. If for whatever reason Onivino isn?t the right partner for your product, not to worry, we will introduce you to one that is.

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